TWO Low Sodium Marinades! GREEK and LATIN ~!

Friends! I haven’t purposely abandoned you! I have, however, taken a job. One that’s been keeping me far busier than expected – in a good way – as well as liberating me from the computer – also good. :)  I promise to continue posting, answering email, questions, comments, etc. as time permits.  Please, just be patient with me!  THANKS.

Today’s recipe is for two tasty and SUPER low-sodium marinades I found in a newspaper circular over the weekend. Their creator, Steven Petusevsky, is a wonderfully creative chef from Florida who’s written not only The American Diabetes Association Vegetarian Cookbook but The Whole Foods Market Cookbook as well. If you have time, check out his site,; he offers other low-sodium recipes that sound amazing.

Now onto the marinades!

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The Everything DASH Diet Cookbook! GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!  YES. I am overdue for a recipe post, I know.. but I wanted to alert you to a giveaway running now through next Wednesday, May 28th. It’s sponsored by the Meniere’s Disease Team (the group I wrote about last week) on their Facebook Page.

The Everything DASH Diet Cookbook

They’re giving away SIX of my cookbooks for FREE!

To enter, simply head to their Facebook Page, scroll down to the post marked #CONTEST (you’ll see the photo of my book), and answer the following question in a comment:

If you have curbed salt, caffeine, chocolate & alcohol from your diet to control your Meniere’s symptoms, what do you miss the most and what food(s) do you use to replace your most desired cravings?

That’s it!  Far, far easier than sticking to a low-sodium diet, right?  Hahah  (Sigh..)

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!  And have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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NEW! Meniere’s Disease Study!

Good morning, everyone!  Rather than share a recipe today, I’m here to offer some potentially exciting news for those of you who also suffer from Meniere’s Disease.

As you know, I’ve had tremendous success in controlling my Meniere’s symptoms through diet alone.  After living low-sodium the past decade, and the last two years vegan as well, I’ve reached a fairly steady equilibrium.  But when dietary changes aren’t enough, particularly to combat the incapacitating vertigo of Meniere’s, then what?

I received an intriguing email yesterday from a woman who works for a company called Access to Patients. This company is currently recruiting for a research study for Meniere’s Disease.  Although I do not myself intend to participate, I know that this might be helpful to others.  So I want to get the word out!

Here is the information about the study.

The sponsor is Otonomy.  They are a company based in California. Otonomy’s co-founder, Jay Lichter, discovered he had Ménière’s disease as he was driving along the coast and had his first vertigo attack.  He went to his doctor and after a series of tests was diagnosed with Ménière’s.  He asked his doctor if there were effective medicines available to reduce the severity and frequency of vertigo attacks.  After the answer was no, he basically set out to develop one.

This Meniere’s study tests the effectiveness and safety of the investigational drug, OTO-104, at reducing the number of and severity of vertigo attacks.  It’s a steroid administered via syringe in the ear.  The medicine starts out as a liquid and once inside the ear turns to a gel that (for lack of better term) pretty much stays put.  Current steroid injections are liquids that run out of the ear very quickly, so can be less than effective.

If you feel this would be helpful, check out the Meniere’s Disease Study website.  The clinical trials are being conducted across the country and it’s likely there’s a location within driving distance.  You can also keep up with the study via social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Wishing you health and happiness always, Christy

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