Banana & Chocolate-Covered Banana Milkshakes

My friend Ashley recently asked me how to put on some weight. I know this isn’t most people’s concern, how to GAIN weight, but when you suffer from Meniere’s Disease often it is. Whether from the no-salt diet, or simply from being too sick to keep food down, many people with Meniere’s are SKINNY. Anyway, my response to Ash was to recommend a daily milkshake. Not only are milkshakes super low in sodium, but they’re high in fat and calories and absolutely DELICIOUS. I’m dedicating today’s recipe not just to Ashley, but to us all. Because whether or not you need to put on weight, each and every one of us NEEDS a milkshake – at least once in a while. These could not be simpler. Just 2 or 3 ingredients, one of which is fruit so that almost negates the ice cream. No milk necessary. And if you’re a strict vegan, you can even substitute non-dairy ice cream and freeze the banana for extra umph. I love both incarnations (though truth be told, I like the chocolate best.)

Yields 1 serving.

SODIUM CONTENT: 112 mg per serving


1 ripe banana
1 c. vanilla ice cream
1 T. cocoa (optional)


Place ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse until smooth. Pour into a glass and serve immediately. ENJOY!

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5 Responses to Banana & Chocolate-Covered Banana Milkshakes

  1. Everyone needs one once in a while, and I need one every day. Usually with caramel dripped along the sides of the glass. Or your homemade self-hardening ice cream topping. Okay, now I’m thinking nonstop about the ice cream in the freezer at work. Can ice cream count as brunch? I’m going with yes.

  2. Ashley says:

    Definitely going to be making these! Yummy.

  3. Sayumi Kamei says:

    They look delicious. The picture looks so peaceful and inviting, enjoying a nice glass of milkshake in a lovely backyard. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  4. That’s a good point, Dishy!
    I’m a fairly skinny dude (or I used to be, anyway)… and part of that was just not having much of an appetite. Something like this would work great for those times I know I should be eating something but don’t feel up to a meal.

  5. Christy says:

    Katie, you crack me up. You and your decadent ways.. LOL

    Wonderful, Ash!! Hope you love them – I am mourning the last of our bananas.

    Thanks so much, Sayumi – and WELCOME! 🙂

    Milkshakes make the meal, that’s what I say, Inky. PS: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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