Create Your Own – The Magical Recipe Maker of Your Dreams!

Darn You, Fine Cooking!! Each time I sit down at my computer prepared to do something — which is NOT spend the next 30 minutes perusing your website, drooling over countless mouth-watering recipes – you inevitably send me another irresistible email. Like this one! The subject line “Meatloaf Gets a Makeover” might not tempt everyone, but this meat n’ potatoes gal just had to read MORE.

If you think meatloaf is dull, dear reader, think again. Try this magical Create Your Own Meatloaf Maker. A flash application courtesy of Fine Cooking, the Meatloaf Maker allows you to choose ingredients, from meat to veggies, aromatic herbs, spices, add-ins, and more. The application then custom builds your very own meatloaf recipe, providing you with all necessary measurements, an ingredient list for shopping, if desired, and every reason to just GO FOR IT.

Image of Fine Cooking's Meatloaf Maker

Meatloaf not your thing? Never fear! Fine Cooking’s got you covered. Really!

Image of Fine Cooking's "Create Your Own" Choices

Everything from brownies and layer cakes to fruit crisps and tarts. But why stop at sweets? Fine Cooking has Create Your Own Stir Fry, Soup, Salad, and Frittata Makers! Twenty-three (and counting..) different “Create Your Own” applications to help each & every one of us find and make something new and delicious with ease. But don’t take my word for it. Click here and have fun trying them for yourself. Just remember to forgo the salt and opt for the lowest sodium alternatives. And say thanks to Fine Cooking!

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2 Responses to Create Your Own – The Magical Recipe Maker of Your Dreams!

  1. *swoon*

    Another wonderful find; as if I’m surprised.

  2. Christy says:

    Hah! Thanks Steph – hope you find these magical makers as useful as I do. LOVE THEM!! XO

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