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Whether you’re seeking delicious low sodium or salt free recipes, product suggestions or simple encouragement, The Daily Dish is here for you. I have been living low-sodium since 2004 and have devoted myself to helping others enjoy happier & healthier salt-free lives ever since.

If you think low sodium has to be bland, think again. Salt free can be FABULOUS!

I am a wife, mother and foodie who at age 31 was diagnosed with an inner ear plague called Meniere’s Disease.  My only course of treatment?  GIVE UP SALT.  Although I still contend with the erratic symptoms of the disease, the low-sodium diet has worked wonders.  I launched The Daily Dish in 2007 with the goal of building community among those living salt-free.  We don’t have to feel trapped.  Low sodium food can be healthy, satisfying and DELICIOUS!!  Just LOOK at some of these dishes!

Unless otherwise attributed, all recipes and photographs contained on The Daily Dish are my original work. When reusing the contents of this website please remember, it’s BAD KARMA NOT TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.  All recipes on The Daily Dish are intended to meet the requirements of a low sodium diet only (under 1500 mg per day) and may not meet other dietary restrictions. Individuals with special health needs should exercise caution when proceeding with any recipe.

I have worked extremely hard to make The Daily Dish website a reality. Since 2007, I’ve kept The Daily Dish free of advertisements, especially those annoying pop-up ads. It’s been a long fifteen years since that very first recipe was published, with countless unpaid hours of hard work in both the kitchen and office. Although I offer this website free of charge, PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING ME ON PATREON!

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