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If you think low sodium has to be bland, think again. Salt free can be FABULOUS!

I am a wife, momma, and foodie living successfully and joyfully with Meniere’s Disease. For the past 20 years I’ve followed a low sodium diet, and I know firsthand the power of balanced nutrition. I launched The Daily Dish in 2007 with the goal of building community among those living salt free. We don’t have to feel trapped. Low sodium food can be healthy, satisfying, and DELICIOUS! Just LOOK at these dishes!

Since its inception The Daily Dish has remained completely ad-free! No annoying pop ups, no flashing anything. It’s been a long journey of love with countless hours of work. If you value this site, please consider showing your support with a donation or by joining Patreon. Your support means so much!

All recipes on The Daily Dish are intended to meet the requirements of a low sodium diet only (<1500mg/day) and may not meet other dietary restrictions. Individuals with special health needs should exercise caution when proceeding with any recipe. Unless otherwise attributed, all recipes and photographs contained on The Daily Dish are my original work. When reusing the contents of this website kindly remember to cite the source.

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