Chicken and Mushrooms in Beer

We had company all weekend and are now getting more snow. Which means I’ve had to re-clean the house and will likely spend the rest of today shoveling. Not that I am complaining (oh yes I am) but on a day like this I JUST DON’T WANNA COOK. But my family still needs to eat. With four of us, one fixed income, a salt free diet and 8 more inches of snow (thanks mother nature), eating out isn’t practical. Slow cooker recipe to the rescue! I’ve made this dish twice since Saturday. WHY? Well partly because I bought a jumbo pack of chicken thighs at BJs. But also because this recipe is AMAZING. Seriously one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten in forever. The chicken simmers for hours in a garlicky, mushroom infused beer broth.  The aroma alone is worth bottling! And the process leaves the meat so succulent it simply falls off the bone. I’ve tried this with two different beers; a Saranac Brown Ale and a seasonal Shipyard Prelude. Both worked beautifully and I recommend using the same or a similar medium bodied brown or amber beer.  Recipe adapted from The Unwatched Pot.

Serves 6.

SODIUM CONTENT:  132 mg per serving


2 1/2 lbs. chicken pieces
freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 small onion, diced
8 oz. sliced mushrooms (or more if you’d like!) – whichever type you like best
5 cloves garlic, minced
1 t. dried rosemary
1 t. dried thyme
1- 12-oz. bottle of beer (pref. medium bodied brown or amber)


Wash the chicken pieces and pat dry. Place chicken into the slow cooker and season with freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Add the remaining ingredients, place the lid on cooker and set to low. Cook 6-7 hours. Serve hot, spooned over steamed rice or cooked noodles, or paired with some hearty salt free bread.

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8 Responses to Chicken and Mushrooms in Beer

  1. nat @book, line, and sinker says:


    is this meal kiddo-friendly, with the beer and everything? does the alcohol cook off???

    i’m not really a fan of dark chicken meat or of any meat that’s on a bone, but i’m sure the bread and noodles would be nice. lol. xoxox

  2. Christy says:

    Well the kids have been eating it. so I sure hope so.

    As for your dark meat and bone phobia, you could make this with skinless boneless white meat. But the onion, garlic, beer and seasonings are a little exotic (for you). Plain white rice it is! 🙂

  3. Jeannie says:

    Suggestions on how many and what kind of mushrooms? I couldn’t find it in the recipe. Thanks! Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Christy says:

    Hi Jeannie! Great question! I left it as ambiguous as possible to encourage people 1) to use what was on hand, and 2) to try different types of mushrooms. I used white button mushrooms both times, simply b/c I had a surplus, and they were delicious. If you have portabella, or baby bella use those. Better yet, if you have any dried shitake mushrooms on hand, they’d rehydrate and add incredible flavor to the beer broth. Whatever you use, I’m sure it’ll be great – please come back and let us know. Next time I make it I plan on adding even more garlic (maybe a whole small head, minced) – we are BIG garlic lovers! Hope you enjoy it!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I’m curious to try this recipe, but I don’t really like the taste of beer. Does this recipe taste really…beer-y? Or do the other flavors mask it?


    • Christy says:

      Hi Stephanie! Great question! The beer lends a lot of flavor in terms of depth and complexity, but because of the long simmer time there’s not an overwhelming “beer” taste. I really think you’ll be surprised- and like it! Hope this helps. Best wishes to you, Christy

  6. Elizabeth Adamec says:

    How many mushrooms does this recipe call for? I don’t see it in the ingredients list at all.

    • Christy says:

      Hey Elizabeth! DUH. I think when I was “encouraging folks to try different mushrooms” per the comment above, I was REALLY trying to encourage them – by omission! So sorry about that. I’d recommend starting w/ 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms (your choice of type) and work up from there, using really as many as you’d like. Bc they reduce so much with cooking (and add enhanced flavor) you really can’t go wrong by going wild- so please use as many as you’d like! I will add to ingredients list above now! Thanks so much for bringing to my attention!

      Have a great day,

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