Christy’s Cocktail

A cafe near my house sells the most delicious soda I’ve had in years: Boylan Bottleworks Root Beer. Caffeine-free, with the perfect bite, I’ve gotten into the habit of stopping by and having one occasionally as a treat. Lately though I find myself wanting to bring one or two (or more) home. Why? Because I’ve discovered the best-tasting and perhaps least-known cocktail ever, and decided to name it after the person who loves it most. Me. I don’t drink a lot of liqueur, but when the mood strikes I like nothing better than a wee snifter of sambuca. Thick and slightly syrupy, with the pungent taste of black jelly beans. Ahhhh. I never imagined I could top the pleasure either brings me individually, but when combined, oh my. Sweet (though not cloying), faintly exotic, and deceptively strong, this is my ideal cocktail.
Serves one.

SODIUM CONTENT: 24 mg per serving


1 1/2 oz. sambuca
8 oz. Boylan Bottleworks Root Beer (available nationwide at Trader Joe’s markets as well as online)
3 ice cubes


Place the ice cubes into a drinking glass. Pour 8 ounces of root beer into a small measuring glass, then add a shot and a half of sambuca to the root beer. Stir gently once or twice, then pour the mixture over the ice and serve immediately.

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