Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! Wishing you all the very best in 2011.

Hope you enjoyed a healthy break. As someone with Meniere’s Disease, holidays for me often mean dizziness and deafness due to rich food and travel. This year I eliminated hazards by staying at home and cooking low sodium feasts. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration factors like FUN. I was home all last week with my daughters, a new puppy, and a good amount of snow on the ground. One thing led to another and we all wound up sledding. I should have known cascading down a hill at hypervelocity would be bad for me. But when your kids are having a blast, it’s hard to say no. All that whizzing and speed threw my ear for a loop from which I’m still recovering. Today my daughters have returned to school, the snow is mostly gone, and thankfully I am feeling a bit better. Time to return to the kitchen.

I bought a terrific cookbook over break called Farmhouse Cookbook. Written 20 years ago by a Maine local, Susan Herrmann Loomis, Farmhouse Cookbook celebrates organic, sustainable farming with recipes taken from family, friends and farms across the country. The concepts are so in vogue right now, I have to keep reminding myself the book is TWENTY YEARS old. I suppose it can be said anyone who is close to the earth understands these ideas are not new. But society has gotten so far away from the way things have traditionally been done (and indeed should be done), that our perception’s gone topsy turvy. Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time reading through Farmhouse Cookbook and have already selected a week’s worth of recipes to try. Today’s agenda: To market, to market to buy a fat.. pack of stew meat and some chicken wings, and…. See you tomorrow!

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