Next week.

Another week under our collective belt, and what a week it was! As I bid adieu to my birthday (till next year, friend!) I want to remind everyone of the power of positive thinking. You are only as old as you FEEL. And inside, I’m still rocking 18. WOOT!

You may have noticed a slight change in the look of things here at The Daily Dish. I’ve been playing around with the site’s ‘copyblogger’ theme, adding and subtracting widgets and giving things a little tweak. There are a few features I’m interested in exploring, so bear with me as my husband (the IT guru) and I test things out. As always I welcome your feedback! Let me know if you see something you like – or don’t – and make suggestions for ways to improve the site. The Daily Dish may be my baby, but it’s growing by leaps and bounds, and like my kids – it’s time for some new clothes.

Coming up next? Monday kicks off with a festive holiday treat: PUMPKIN WHOOPIE PIES. OOooOOOooOOHH!! This no-fail recipe was submitted by a long-time reader; many thanks, Tracie! With the holidays on the horizon, I’ve got a perfect gift suggestion for the low sodium loved one in your life. And posted under “HUH?” I just read a piece on differing levels of sodium in municipal drinking water (seriously crazy stuff), I’ll be sharing that too. See you soon.

Happy Weekend!

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