Thanks to Chifles, it’s time to get your CHIPS ON!

Those chips look pretty honking good, don’t they? Let me tell you. THEY ARE. Yesterday I received a package from friend & reader, Julie A. from Florida. Inside were three bags of gold, otherwise known as Chifles Sweet Maduro Plantain Chips, one of the tastiest salt-free snacks ever. She’d written to tell me about Chifles and ask whether or not they were sold here in Maine (sadly, no). So as a fellow foodie & all-around amazing gal, she sent me some tout de suite! I am not ashamed to tell you (though perhaps I should be) that I ate an ENTIRE BAG BY MYSELF LAST NIGHT. On the plus side, I was watching PBS.. so that evens things out, right? RIGHT!

So what do they taste like?! Unlike traditional plantain chips which remind me more of potato chips, these Maduros have an irresistible sweetness. Subtle at first, the flavor rises to the forefront with each new bite. They remind me of dried banana chips, but much less heavy, without the greasy feel or cloying sweetness. And they’re ALL NATURAL. No salt, no sugar, just tree-ripened plantain and vegetable oil. As it says on the bag, “We hope you will enjoy this tasty, nutritious treat. There is nothing else quite like it.” Indeed.

In addition to eating them out of hand, Julie suggests crushing them to make sodium-free crumbs for breading chicken, fish and more. They’d also be an amazing topping on everything from mashed sweet potatoes to ice cream or yogurt.  Coarsely chopped add them to granola, or crushed super finely, use them as a substitute for flour in breakfast treats like pancakes or muffins, as well as desserts.  Oooooh..!! The possibilities seem endless.

Chifles Sweet Maduro Plantain Chips are currently sold in a handful of southern states. Live elsewhere?  No fear!  All of Chifles Chips can be ordered online. Or contact Chifles directly to request a store near you!

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9 Responses to Thanks to Chifles, it’s time to get your CHIPS ON!

  1. Beautiful! I love when companies recognize that some of us think ingredients taste great without a bunch of salt/fat/sugar thrown in.

    We eat a lot of plantains in my office from this Cuban place down the street, and the one Haitian guy gets so mad at us white kids for pronouncing it plan-TANES instead of PLAN-tens. But I feel like such a faker if I don’t say it the Midwestern way.

  2. Alina Marone says:

    I’ve been perusing recipes and recently saw one that used crushed plantain chips as a breading for chicken (with a cold mango sauce topping). Mmmmm.

  3. Julie Alameda says:

    Thanks Christy for the Shoutout. (Lol) Also if you are ordering them online look into(from the same company) the Garlic plantain chips. They are also very very good, more savory than the sweet version. They do have a little salt but very very low, and taste amazing when you are craving something “salty” and very garlicky. All my best, Julie A

  4. Hahaha… now if PBS only gave out a few bags of these during their pledge drives… they’d be sitting on a donation gold mine! 🙂

  5. shambo says:

    What a great treat. And such a thoughtful gift. They look like the perfect crunchy snack!

  6. Christy says:

    Katie, I totally say it the wrong way too (and thank you for alerting me to this fact; I’d never have known otherwise!)

    Lina, if you have that recipe still -please pass it my way!

    Julie you deserve it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will def. check out the garlic chips. I also noticed how low in sodium their “regular” chips are – like 35 or 75 mg per serving, MUCH lower than traditional chips. Going to ask my local market/s if they’d be willing to stock. Wish me luck!

    Seriously, Inky. Pledge gifts need to entice and BOY do these chips.. I have to stop thinking about it or bag #2 will be gone tonight.

    I know Shambo – beyond thoughtful. THANK YOU JULIE!! These would be a great product for the Healthy Heart Market to stock too.

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  8. Stefanie says:

    Hi…just ran across your blog. I’m Stefanie Mackenzie, VP of Plantain Products, and the daughter of the folks who started Plantain Products Co. in 1963. I’m so glad you like our sweet chips. They are really unique. We are very conscious of what goes into a product, preferring the least tinkered with, the better for you idea. We always have. As for the regular chips being a low sodium item, you are right. They only have 30 mg sodium per serving. If you havent tried our Cassava chips, do. They are really good and low sodium as well. For me, those are the ones that if there is a bag opened in my house, its gone; I’ll eat the whole thing. Sorry I am so late in seeing us mentioned, but I’m glad your fellow foodies are keeping you current with the good stuff out there.

  9. Christy says:

    Stefanie, how WONDERFUL to get your comment! Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your Chifles sweet chips. I haven’t had the pleasure of sampling the others, but to all my low sodium friends out there, I say – Be on the lookout!

    Thank you for all that you do. It means so much to those of us on a salt-free diet to have healthy and delicious snacks. Yours are truly some of the best.

    Keep up the wonderful work – and thanks so much again!


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