Christmas Eve is Here.

Hope you’re in good health & spirits. If you’re wondering what to serve to keep hunger at bay until the big Christmas meal, here are a few quick suggestions (while there’s still time to get to the market).

If your family celebrates like mine, gift opening will take center stage in the morning. This involves lots of arm flailing, jumping up and down, and general merry making. Which is always SO MUCH easier (and cleaner) when the food’s not flying. I like to stick to simple finger foods and things you can eat with a minimum of fuss. I also prefer dishes made in advance, which allow me to take part in the festivities rather than be relegated to the kitchen. I suggest:

Super Easy Quiche is a snap to make, can be prepared and baked later today and reheated for enjoyment tomorrow morning (whether in the oven or microwave). If you don’t like vegetables, try substituting low sodium bacon (cooked and crumbled) and shredded Swiss cheese. So simple and soooo good!

Sticky Buns are an irresistible treat and are far easier to make than you’d think. Late tonight, before bed, make the dough. Allow it to rise in a NOT-TOO-HOT place in the kitchen, and tomorrow morning assemble and bake. Don’t roll those eyes at me! I performed this routine for months while baking sticky buns commercially, and YES it can be done. You are welcome.

Apple Walnut Scones. Bake early tomorrow, or better yet late tonight, and enjoy. These scones are an easy to eat, hand-held version of coffee cake — something everyone’s sure to enjoy. And so low in sodium, you will too.

Last, make a fruit salad. Fresh melon, pineapple and crisp grapes are perfect this time of year. And don’t forget to pick up some festive paper plates and napkins today at the dollar store. You can recycle them afterward and save the dishes for dinner. Ahhhh.. the bliss.

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