Benson’s Zesty

When you’re on a low sodium diet, finding seasoning is essential. Without the added boost of salt, many foods simply fade into the background. People like us – the salt restricted – go to great lengths to find new ways of adding flavor and interest to what we’re eating. And because few of us have the luxury of being in the kitchen all day long, and certainly can’t reach for the salt shaker while out, packaged salt-free blends can easily become a best friend. Pop a bottle into your bag, and POOF! Flavor, even on the plainest of foods.

Many months ago, Debbie Benson of Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings contacted me, asking whether I’d be willing to try one of her salt free products. That one seasoning, the all-purpose Table Tasty, convinced me that a low sodium diet was no longer to be loathed. My salt loving daughters even gobbled the stuff up! In April I reviewed another Benson’s seasoning, the unbeatable southwestern Bravado. Today I’m here to share another. Everyone, meet ZESTY.

Lemon Pepper is THE standard when it comes to fish & seafood. And living along the southern coast of Maine, my family & I eat our fair share. Although I’ve sampled several salt free lemony blends, Benson’s flavor – less spice and more herb than its competitors, with a remarkable fresh lemon taste – is fabulous. But it has something else. In addition to Zesty’s taste, its texture truly grabbed me. Don’t laugh. Size matters. Bell’s Lemon Pepper Salt Free Seasoning, for instance, tastes great. But its coarse texture – full of dried bits of onion and more, makes it unappealing to use. Unless I’m making a soup or stew I won’t touch the stuff – and even then, I think twice. Benson’s Zesty, on the other hand, offers the best of both worlds. Delicious taste with a grain so soft it literally melts into food, even cold salads. Well done.

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