Oregon’s Choice No Salt Added Tuna

I love tuna, no bones about it. For the past six years of my low sodium life, no salt added tuna has been a food to turn to without reservation. But after visiting the New England Aquarium a few weeks ago, I’ve begun to question the quality of the catch. An exhibit there highlights the risks associated with various types of fish and seafood, and I was shocked to see tuna on the “Watch” list. With concern rising over mercury contamination, should I keep reaching for those cans?

Studies show that the big brand name tunas sold in supermarkets often exceed the FDA’s advisory limits for mercury and should not be consumed with regularity. If you are buying supermarket tuna, opt for chunk light over white albacore, as the light tuna is lower in mercury. The problem? I’m on a strict low sodium diet and all of the supermarket salt free tuna I’ve found is strictly albacore.

Googling “low mercury no salt added tuna” led me to Oregon’s Choice.

Oregon’s Choice No Salt Added Albacore is “ten times lower in mercury” than StarKist’s premium albacore, and 5 times higher in rich Omega-3s. Unlike those big supermarket brands, Oregon’s Choice is a family business, run by a fisherman, his wife and two daughters. This fisherman, Herb Goblirsch, catches all of this albacore not by net, but by hook. In 2008, Oregon’s Choice was awarded the Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification, meaning all of their albacore is sustainably harvested and eco friendly.

You can be assured that you know where your tuna comes from and that it is of the highest quality, clean, healthy and sustainably harvested.

But how does Oregon’s Choice TASTE?? Because apart from the healthfulness, we all know that’s what really matters.

I won’t lie to you. This tuna is truly (as they say) tuna the way it should be! Thick, chunky & delicious, and at only 80 mg of sodium per can, all the sweeter. But terrific taste and sustainable harvesting don’t come cheap. Oregon’s Choice is quality tuna, and quality is an investment. Look at it this way. After taking pains to limit your intake of sodium, shouldn’t you be just as careful with a poison like mercury? Oregon’s Choice may cost more, but the peace of mind that comes with each can is worth extra.

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