Fair Weather Friend

Today I won’t be talking about low sodium cooking, salt free products, or anything of the like. In fact, I am feeling particularly SALTY.

Yesterday was beautiful. Sunshiney, warm – especially for autumn, with a wide, blue sky as far as the eye could see. It was the kind of day that makes one happy to be alive. But when you suffer from a plague called Meniere’s Disease, it’s simply the calm before the storm. On the surface it was gorgeous, but I knew what was brewing behind. My ear, you see, is attuned to all sorts of invisible barometric changes. I knew bad weather wasn’t far off, because I spent most of yesterday’s picture-perfect day dizzy, fluctuating between nausea and an almost palpable panic. And you know what, I am a little irritated about it. Today is rainy, disgusting, and NO SURPRISE! I am feeling fine. Well – grumpy, of course, but that’s to be expected. Meniere’s is such an awful disease to cope with because of its complete unpredictability. No one can count on feeling 100% all the time, but with Meniere’s you go from normal to BAM! Sick beyond belief, clutching onto the closest WHATEVER, scared out of your freaking wits.

Most of you reading this face some sort of hurdle on a daily basis. Whether you too suffer from Meniere’s, or you’ve simply been drawn here because of a low sodium diet, we’re all dealing with a medical condition. So please, forgive me. But some days, I just need to vent.

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