Scalloped Potatoes

If there’s something we salt free eaters don’t get enough of – it’s CHEESE! How I miss being able to nibble it with abandon. But with low sodium dishes as delicious as this, you don’t have to feel deprived. This scrumptious recipe comes from the American Heart Association’s Low-Salt Cookbook. The description reads, “You’ll probably attract an audience when you take these yummy potatoes out of the oven. The star of the meal, they go well with almost anything.” HEAR HEAR! Creamy, cheesy and satisfying.

Serves 8.

SODIUM CONTENT: 111 mg per serving (1/2 cup)


1 c. fat-free milk
3 T. all-purpose flour
1 c. low-sodium chicken broth
1/4 t. ground black pepper
1/2 t. garlic powder
3 T. grated parmesan cheese

4 large potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced (about 4 cups)
1/2 c. chopped onion
1/2 c. low-fat shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 t. ground paprika


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease a 2-quart ovensafe casserole dish and set aside.

For the sauce, whisk together the milk and flour in a medium saucepan. Place over medium-high heat. Add the remaining ingredients and whisk together. Cook 5-6 minutes, until mixture is thickened, whisking occasionally. Stir in parmesan cheese and remove from heat.

Arrange the potato slices in layers in the prepared pan, sprinkling a little bit of onion between each layer. Pour the sauce over top. Cover the dish tightly with aluminum foil. Place the pan on the middle rack in the oven and bake 30 minutes.

Remove from oven and carefully remove the foil. Sprinkle the cheese and paprika over top, return to oven and bake 30-40 minutes longer, until potatoes are tender and top has lightly browned. Remove from oven and serve immediately.

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