Meet the girls!

Good morning everyone! Hope the dads out there enjoyed a very happy & relaxing Fathers Day. Been wanting to announce this for some time, but it was a (shhhh…) SURPRISE! For my daughter’s graduation, my husband and I bought a special gift of.. 6 CHICKENS! We’d decided to make the purchase part of the Mom Central grant, but had to keep it hush-hush for the sake of fun. The chicks arrived just as we were leaving the graduation ceremony last week.  As soon as the girls got home we rushed to pick them up and the girls (of course) couldn’t wait to hold them.  We are now the proud owners of 4 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Australorps.

Some girls get jewelry or flowers, ours get hens!  I’m looking forward to many eggs (and many egg-inspired recipes) in ~18-22 weeks. I’ll be blogging all about the chicks in the interim. 😀

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13 Responses to Meet the girls!

  1. stephanie says:

    they’re so cute!
    And so are the chicks 🙂

  2. Donna Seger says:

    Great idea and all the girls are adorable. I had chickens growing up, and have many fond memories of collecting warm eggs in the morning. Good luck!

  3. How fun is that?! That’s AWESOME, Dishy!
    Hmm… I wonder what our apartment management’s chicken policy might be…

  4. SO COOL! One of my friends was just telling me about how you could buy chicks for pennies when she was growing up in the Philippines, and she raised one as a pet all by herself. AND THEN HER GRANDFATHER COOKED IT FOR THE FAMILY’S DINNER!

    Clearly I’m looking forward to you similarly wrecking your daughters’ lives.

  5. Christy says:

    Thanks so much Steph!! 🙂

    Thanks too, Donna – everyone has been so supportive, even my mom was telling me how she enjoyed raising her colored Easter chicks as a girl. Love it!

    Inky, as long as you don’t smuggle in a rooster I’d say you’re home free… VERY home free. Hahahah

    Thanks so much, Rachel!! We’re chicken smitten. LOL

    Katie, I will NOT eat these chickens! That’d be like barbecuing Roxy. Somehow the eggs aren’t giving me pause though.. so I guess you could still say I’m a beast. 😉

  6. shambo says:

    How cute! What a wonderful project. I’m sure your family will enjoy raising the chicks. Congratulations.

  7. Christy says:

    Thanks so much, Shambo! We are loving them – and they haven’t even laid a single egg yet!

  8. soooooo cute! i love them! i wish all animals stayed ‘baby-sized’. have fun with these chicks. they will surely make good fodder for the blog and the fridge! just don’t let me read about roasted chicken with lemon sage sauce in a few months, please.

  9. Christy says:

    I will NOT – I repeat, NOT eat these lil fluff balls, even when they are full-sized and potentially ornery !!! (their eggs are toast though)

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