Game Delay, Folks.

Hi everyone!  Hope that sounds chipper, because this morning I am anything BUT.  Put simply: I am sick.  Sooooooooo sick.  When we went to Vermont last weekend, the mouse infestation forced us to open all the windows.  While we slept Saturday night, the temperature plummeted and by Sunday morning we were all a-shiver.  My younger daughter was the first to succumb, then my husband, and by late last week the malaise had descended upon me as well.  I did my best to fight it off.  I spent Friday baking my daughter’s birthday cake.  (A nice slice of infection, anyone?)  Then Saturday, the first warm(ish) clear day we’d had in 3, I was out mowing the lawn.  What can I say?  I’m a genius.  Anyway, by yesterday morning, my throat was hamburger and there was no denying the truth.  I am down for the count.

I will be back with more low sodium goodness as soon as I can.  Till then, please use that handy dandy search box to the right and see what you can find.  Must rest now.

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