I’m Baaaaaaaack!

Happy Columbus Day, everyone! Whatever that means!

After days of hacking coughs, full-body chills and blocked airways, I am BACK! Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a little Mouse Flu to make you fully appreciate health. Now that I’m finally able to stand unaided and people are no longer fleeing at my approach, time to return to the kitchen.

This week is all about fun. WHY? Because my birthday is Wednesday! I’ll be sharing a great low sodium birthday cake in honor of the occasion. Having just spent a week in bed, dreaming of fluffy ladles of soup being poured down from salt free clouds (yes I was WAY SICK), I’ll be featuring an immune-boosting Autumn Veggie Soup. Plus, a terrific way to enjoy hot peppers.. without actually eating them! And, as if that wasn’t enough, the wonderful folks at Healthy Heart Market will be offering a new promotion exclusively through The Daily Dish, later this week! So get those pots & pans ready, the fun begins anew – TOMORROW.

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