Happy Birthday, Low Sodium Blog – GIVEAWAY!!

Do you like PRESENTS? Of course you do!

Right now as I type, our dear friends at Low Sodium Blog are celebrating their very first birthday. (Happy Birthday!) In honor of the big event, they’re sponsoring the low sodium giveaway of the year!

See those photos above? Low Sodium Blog is giving all of that away – and MORE!

Up for grabs are 25 low-sodium prize packs, including:

a Whole Foods gift basket, filled to the freaking brim with low sodium goodies;

20 low-sodium “starter” kits, with product samples and more;

3 super baskets of low-sodium stuff, including cookware and cookbooks; and….

ONE GRAND PRIZE – featuring all of the above – PLUS, a brand new Kindle !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodnesssss!!

CLICK HERE to wish Low Sodium Blog a very happy birthday and ENTER TO WIN, too!!!!

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