Many thanks.

The outpouring of love and support I’ve received this past week has been overwhelming.  The many emails, comments through Facebook, even flowers (!!) have helped cushion us through these dark days.  THANK YOU so very much.

This past week has been challenging.  When I feel lousy I have a tendency to turn inward and stop eating.  Thanks to Halloween and a ginormous bowl of leftover candy that didn’t happen.  But a family cannot live on mini chocolate bars alone.  This week was a huge reminder of how important it is to have healthy convenience foods on hand.  It’s way too easy to toss your low sodium diet to the wind when you don’t feel up to cooking, but if you keep a stock of salt free alternatives at the ready, you won’t.

And by stock, I really mean STOCK.  As in low sodium broth.  There’s a reason people make chicken soup for the sick.  It’s not just comfort food, it’s folk medicine.  Many thanks to Kitchen Basics, I’ve had ample unsalted stock on hand to keep me healthy and well.  In gratitude, all next week I’ll be showcasing simple recipes you can make with salt free stock.  From slow cooker pork loin, to chicken chili and more, it’s gonna be 6 days of deliciousness courtesy of Kitchen Basics.  So be sure to stock up this weekend (pun intended!)  See you soon.

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