Kitchen Basics Unsalted Stock

The next 5 days I’ll be showcasing dishes made with salt free stock.  But before I delve into the recipes, I wanted to introduce this week’s star of the show. Kitchen Basics Unsalted Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable Stocks.

Normally I am all about homemade.  I love baking my own bread, I make my kids cookies from scratch, so why on earth would I be touting a line of pre-made commercial stocks?  For one simple reason.  Kitchen Basics unsalted stocks aren’t just healthy, they’re DELICIOUS.

I used to use sodium free bouillon as a principal base for soups and other recipes calling for broth.  It’s cheap and convenient, but you know what?  It tastes gross.  Even masked by a world of other flavors, it can’t come close to either homemade or store bought broth.  Whenever I make my own stock, it’s great.  But after so many years of salt-free living I’ve come to accept the truth.  Making your own stock can be a chore.  And unless you make vast pots of it at a time, it’s often cheaper and infinitely easier to simply go and buy a quart when it’s needed.

But there are big differences between the available brands.  Some commercial broths claim to be “Heart Healthy,” or “Lower Sodium,” but what does that really mean?  Often, not much.  Soup and broth are so notoriously over-salted, manufacturers simply cut the salt in half and claim benefit.  But for anyone on a strict low sodium diet, these “reduced sodium” broths are still way too high in sodium, containing 400-600 mg per serving or more. 

Kitchen Basics line of unsalted stocks aren’t just lower in sodium, they’re completely SALT FREE!  All three flavors – beef, chicken, and vegetable – taste terrific, are made from natural, pronounce-able ingredients AND carry certification from the American Heart Association.  But don’t just take my word for it.  To try them for yourself, check local stores for availability or use the handy dandy Kitchen Basics Store Locator.

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