For the past month and a half, I’ve been competing in a grant contest sponsored by Mom Central Consulting.  The prize, a $2000 cash grant, would allow me to upgrade this website, self-publish a cookbook of original recipes and purchase a CSA share in a local, organic farm.  A windfall not only for The Daily Dish and its readers, but the greater community too.

The contest began March 1st and for the past month and a half the public has been casting votes daily.  Open voting ends tomorrow.  The top 15 sites (in terms of votes) across 3 categories (based on blog traffic) move onto panel judging.  Judging will be based on Need (40%) and Vision & Aspiration (60%).  5 websites from the group of 45 will be given $2000.  Winners will be announced May 2nd.

YOUR TANGIBLE SUPPORT has kept The Daily Dish in The Top 5 for weeks.  I cannot thank each of you enough for your time, generosity and encouragement.  But there are still two days left to vote, and if this contest has taught me anything, it’s that truly every vote counts.  It’s imperative to keep The Daily Dish in the lead!  Many of the websites I am competing against have large followings, and I could be bumped from the lead at any time.  Please, if you value The Daily Dish, act now.  Your votes & the votes of your friends and family are crucial.

It’s TIME TO RALLY PEOPLE!!!  The final uphill push starts now.  Every vote counts.  PLEASE HELP.



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  1. You do such a wonderful job on this blog, AND it can help out MANY people. I REALLY do hope you win – it would be so well deserved!
    I’m sorry if I’ve missed a day or two of voting – the 24 hour thing throws me off sometimes – I tend to try and vote 23.75 hours (I’m smart like that), and my memory is like a well rusted steel trap. Which also doesn’t help. Ever. *sigh*

  2. Seriously, you totally deserve it for all of the hard work you do, and it seems to me that you have the most precise plan for the future of your blog based on the others I’ve read about. I really, truly wish you the best of not-luck.

  3. Christy says:

    Shucks guys, have you thought of taking a seat on the voting panel?? I think you could do really great things there.. LOL

    From your lips & fingertips to God’s ears..


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