Since last week’s announcement I’ve clocked countless kitchen hours. My family are so sick of hearing me ask, “Is this book worthy?” they’re ready to scream. But despite it all – the sweat, the mess, the interminable iterations, everything is coming together. This book will be my best work yet. Old recipes reinvented. New recipes galore. All with 30 minutes or less cook time, zero salt, 100% taste!

This week’s highlights?

Homemade, salt-free pizza. 6 varieties, all absolutely amazing, all table-ready in 30 minutes.

Authentic shepherd’s pie, so honking good you won’t believe it’s low sodium.

Tasty salt-free ketchup you can make at home in mere minutes.

The best dinner rolls ever – completely salt free and from start to finish take only 20 minutes!

An ultra moist and completely foolproof low-sodium birthday cake with the most stellar taste & texture.

Cinnaminis – mini cinnamon buns you can make anytime.

Plus the perfect cornbread, coffee cake, a bevy of appetizers, and so much more.

I am pouring my heart and soul into these recipes. It’s not just about eliminating salt and keeping things low sodium, but also trying to reduce fat and sugar, while preserving flavor. I want the Everything DASH Diet Cookbook to be something you use daily, a cookbook you can count on. Here’s the first taste of what’s to come!

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