Benson’s Bravado

I’ve tried many salt free seasonings over the years. Some good, some downright awful, but none quite so remarkable as Benson’s Table Tasty. Its surprisingly salty taste (with NO actual salt) has lead me to wonder about Benson’s other seasonings. Could they be as good? In the interest of science and deliciousness, I’ve decided to try them all.

Meet our first contestant. BRAVADO.

Bravado’s package reads: Our medium hot, spicy chili seasoning is a robust blend of 18 different herbs and spices including a variety of chili peppers for a very unique taste.  Use in all your favorite meat or vegetable chili recipes. Bravado is ALL NATURAL. No Salt, No Sugar, No MSG, No Preservatives. Made in the USA.

The beauty of chili stems from its simplicity and versatility. To truly put Bravado to the test, I wanted to see how well it flavored not just basic chili, but its compadres as well. So I made four different types, with varying amounts of Bravado seasoning.  Standard chili con carne with beef, Ground turkey chili, Vegetarian chili with beans, and Vegetarian chili made with soy tempeh.

After sampling all four, here’s the verdict. I like spice. I like flavor. Benson’s Bravado has both. The hotness is not overwhelming, and can be adjusted simply by adding more or less of the seasoning. In addition, Bravado’s unique blend of herbs and spices adds a slightly different dimension to each type of chili – depending upon the base. Whereas most chili seasoning pretty much tastes the same, regardless of what it’s added to, Bravado’s herbs not only enhance but buoy the chili flavor, adding something else altogether. The aroma itself is so appealing, I even tried it out of hand. Can you say that for your average salt free blend?

I am impressed. Benson’s Bravado is more than a simple chili seasoning. It offers Tex Mex flavor that adapts, enhancing taste without salt and other additives. BRAVO! for Bravado.

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