Cascade Fresh Yogurt

I was at a local Giant supermarket the other night, killing time in their “expanded organic section” before retrieving my daughters from a club meeting. And while wandering the aisles, checking labels for sodium content, I stumbled upon something too good not to share.


NOT that I pretend to be a Yogurt Master, or some supreme arbiter of taste. But I do LOVE YOGURT slightly more than the average person, and have sampled more than my fair share of it. To me, yogurt is simply the yummiest, healthiest, and most lovely SUPERFOOD known to man.

So when I spied an unfamiliar brand ON SALE there at the Giant (10 for $5), the yogurt-loving bargain shopper in me went WILD. Cascade Fresh Fat Free. I’d seen it before at Whole Foods, and had a vague recollection of once trying their Cherry Vanilla. But new is NEW and a sale is a SALE. I bought a couple of each flavor and eagerly brought them home.

Having spent the past few days taste-testing the lot of it, I have to say Cascade Fresh is good.  And not just good, but REEEEAL GOOD.  Especially the above LEMON CHIFFON, which is truly THE best lemon yogurt I have ever tasted.  But wait – there’s more..  With just 90 mg of sodium per 6 oz. cup, this is one of the lowest sodium yogurts on the market.  It’s not just low fat, but FAT FREE.  Fruit Juice Only sweetened.  And lest I forget to mention, Cascade Fresh is the only commercial yogurt with EIGHT active cultures.

Color me Cascade. As much as I still love Stonyfield, there’s always room for another yogurt in my corral.

The Cascade Fresh website shows an even wider array of flavors than the ones I’ve tried – including the absolutely intriguing KEY LIME, APRICOT MANGO and GREEN APPLE PIE.  If only I could get my hands on THOSE..

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