Yep. That’s what I said this morning, when I realized I am almost out of my favorite peanut butter. I’ve tried every no-salt-added brand out there — from Crazy Richards to Maranatha to Smuckers and BEYOND. But all of them, as delicious as they are, simply can’t match the one made by Price Chopper.

Price Chopper is a grocery chain located in the northeastern part of the US, and I’d never seen one until we visited Vermont. As you can imagine, summer in Vermont = hiking = lots of PB sandwiches. Price Chopper sells store-brand peanut butter like the rest of the big super market chains, but they are the first I’ve found to sell a NO SALT version.

THAT’S RIGHT>! We’re talking “normal” peanut butter – the very same consistency as Jif, Peter Pan or Skippy, but WITHOUT THE SALT.

You cannot possibly appreciate the magnitude of this discovery unless you are on a low sodium diet.

Until this point, I had been forced to consume jars of “natural style” salt free peanut butter – tasty, but no where near the PB I used to lap up before being diagnosed w/ Meniere’s. To me, natural peanut butter resembles newly-poured concrete beneath a layer of oil. The texture, taste, and consistency varying little between brands.

But this Price Chopper No Salt Peanut Butter… I nearly dropped over when I opened the jar. This is JUST LIKE THE PEANUT BUTTER I USED TO LOVE. Creamy – I mean, really truly creamy, with the oil mixed right in. Just look at this beautiful sandwich. (YES that is Garden City lavash, and if you have not yet tried it – what are you waiting for? It’s simply AMAZING – especially at 40 mg per wrap.)

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