Benson’s Salt Free Seasonings

When Debbie Benson contacted me several months ago, asking whether I’d be interested in taste-testing her salt free seasoning, I said OF COURSE! In the interim, however, my husband got a new job – moving us 400 miles north, and said seasoning got lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, Debbie’s sample was UNEARTHED yesterday (Earth Day!) and promptly put to the test on a batch of popcorn.

Above is a bottle of Table Tasty, the Benson’s blend that we sampled (one of NINE salt free seasonings available). The website states:

Table Tasty is an all natural no potassium gourmet salt substitute. A nice salty taste and no bitter aftertaste. This blend started our business. We wanted a really good popcorn seasoning. Also good sprinkled on raw or cooked foods where you miss the salt taste, such as eggs, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob. It also helps take care of those salt cravings. Use at the table instead of the salt shaker. This heart healthy seasoning is better for you than salt and it really tastes great!

No Potassium Salt Substitute Ingredients:
Nutritional yeast extract (No Candida Albicans, No Msg), carrot, red bell pepper, onion, lemon, arrowroot, garlic, celery, dill, paprika, allspice, sweet basil and parsley

I’ve been using salt-free blends since being diagnosed with Meniere’s. I’m familiar with Mrs. Dash, Bell’s, and others. All good. But none of them – even the best I’ve found, taste remotely salty. My doctor warned against using potassium-based salt substitutes, so I’ve avoided those. Besides, having tried them in the past – I know they taste terrible.

But Benson’s Table Tasty? You won’t believe your taste buds. Really. This seasoning unleashes a whole new world of flavor for those on a low sodium diet. WHY? Because it tastes salty. S_A_L_T_Y.

At first taste, you simply can’t believe this is a salt-free seasoning. And I mean, seriously – Table Tasty tastes like it has salt IN IT. I stuck my pinkie in, dipped and licked. Having trained myself to avoid salt at all costs, I must admit – I was shocked. I looked at the package and information brochure three times to establish that it was indeed SALT FREE. After regaining my composure, I called in my kids. We sprinkled it all over the popcorn. They looked at me skeptically. I tasted, they followed, and then, WOW. My two young daughters – one of whom eats NOTHING – she is so picky – wolfed the popcorn down by handfuls and begged for more. These are kids who can eat DORITOS!!! They know their snack food. And they were inhaling this seasoning like it was the best thing EVER. Because it is.

And let me tell you – I have no stake whatsoever in this company. I am not being compensated for this endorsement. Though I’m more than willing to taste-test more samples; I would LOVE to try the rest!!

If you’d like to try them too, contact Benson’s today.
or call Toll Free 1-800-325-5619.

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