Terra Unsalted Potato Chips

Before I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, my snack food of choice was potato chips. Plain, flavored, crinkle cut, kettle cooked, I’d munch them happily by the handful. One of my all-time favorite lunches was a big bagel smeared with cream cheese, a jumbo (individual) sized bag of potato chips, and a Coke. Something about the combination of textures and flavors: the chew of the bread, the tang of the dairy, the salty kiss of the chips, the caramelized sweetness of the soda.. oh, my. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I miss those days. The convenience of walking into a deli, picking up whatever I wanted, and walking out knowing I could inhale it all with abandon.

I first tasted Terra Unsalted Chips 5 years ago, in Philadelphia. I’d been told I’d have to give up salt, likely for the rest of my life, and that was pretty hard to swallow. I walked into my local Fresh Grocer supermarket¬†feeling hopeless. I wanted SNACK FOOD! Tasty snack food, but something that wouldn’t leave me spinning. When I spied that bag of unsalted FLAVORED (!!!) chips on the bottom shelf, I snatched it right up. Hickory BBQ!! UNSALTED!!! I flipped the bag over, my eyes gliding down the list of ingredients. This had to be a joke, right? Only 5 mg of sodium per serving?! I had to try them, then and there. Of course I PAID for them first, but I hadn’t even made it out of the store before the bag was open and those chips were making their way into my own personal history. I left with one big fat SMILE across my face..

Fast forward five years. I’m now living in Portland, Maine. I’ve traded easy access to Terra Unsalted BBQ Chips for easy access to the ocean, but the good news for me (and for you too) is that Terra sells all three kinds of their unsalted chips direct to the public online. YES!

In addition to the spectacular BBQ, they also offer:

Terra Au Naturel. The naked kettle chip, perfect in every way. 0 mg of sodium per serving. Every bite packed with incredibly satisfying crunch and pure potato flavor. These are so good, you’ll never miss your old salty life.

Terra Lemon Pepper. Zero salt! Zesty lemon flavor with a seductive hint of onion. Only 5 mg of sodium per serving. Heck, even if you go buck wild and eat the whole bag, you still won’t wake up guilty (or sick).

Selection of Terra Chips tends to vary by store, even within larger chains. If you don’t see the unsalted varieties, ask. In some cases they can be special ordered and you’ll save yourself the shipping & handling. But don’t be discouraged if they can’t. You can order them yourself. These chips may not come cheap, but the best foods often cost extra. And Terra Unsalted Potato Chips are worth their weight in gold.

Just as a reminder. I am not affiliated with any of the products I review on The Daily Dish and am NOT a paid endorser. My opinions are offered freely to the public and can, though need not be, taken with a grain of salt.

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