Salt-free, low-sodium and PATRIOTIC potato chips!

I stopped by Trader Joe’s yesterday to pick up a few things. It was insanely busy – far busier than I’ve seen it before (which is saying a lot) and the parking lot was just shy of bedlam. I grabbed a hand basket, a trick I always employ to keep myself on budget, and started navigating the full-to-bursting aisles. Organic low-sodium vegetable broth: check. Roasted Tomato Salsa: check. Unsalted Tortilla Chips: check. But WAIT — what’s this????

My eyes lingered over the words “UNSALTED” “POTATO CHIPS” and “RED GOLD AND BLUE” !

I’ve written about my love of potato chips before. From Lightly Salted Pringles, to Utz, Terra, and Chifles. Finding good snackage on a low-sodium diet can be HARD, so when something great pops up – it’s time to share!

Trader Joe’s Unsalted Potato Trio are the bomb. Thick-cut, crunchy, satisfying, and absolutely delicious with ZERO milligrams sodium per serving!! My only complaint? The bag is too small. My daughters and I fought over these; next trip I’m buying extra. And at a mere $1.99 per bag, I can afford to indulge. Perhaps I’ll get a push cart?

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