The Everything DASH Diet Cookbook Giveaway: WINNER + STORE INFO!

Good morning everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast.  It’s now time to announce the winner of the Everything DASH Diet Cookbook Giveaway!  So without further ado, the lucky winner is….

Number 7 – LISA K. !

Congratulations to Lisa, and to everyone else who entered, thank you and best of luck next time.

But WAIT!  There’s more!

It wouldn’t be Black Friday without a mention of (dare I say it? Oh yes I will) SHOPPING.  That’s right, folks.  It’s a revolting reality that today marks the start of the holiday shopping season.  And while I personally adhere to the motto “less is more” when it comes to presents, I’d be remiss not to mention a gift that keeps on giving.

The Everything DASH Diet Cookbook.

If you’re seeking a practical, thoughtful & helpful gift that shows how much you care, and a wonderful way for you or a loved one to start the new year off right, look no further!

Copies are now available for sale, right here on The Daily Dish!

Unlike impersonal sales made through other online merchants (like Amazon) or local bookstores, each book that’s sold here, stays here.  Meaning, 100% percent of sales made through The Daily Dish go directly to support my work and this website.  WIN-WIN!

In exchange for your support, you’ll get a brand spanking new copy of my cookbook, with autograph & inscription of choice, personal note of thanks, and FREE shipping!

If you value The Daily Dish, please consider buying a copy of my cookbook from me, directly.  Thank you, as always!

Last, as a heads-up, Johanna at Low Sodium Blog will be hosting another FREE giveaway of the Everything DASH Diet Cookbook in December.  I’ll be posting about that soon.  Until then, be sure to enter to win Johanna’s current promotional contest, Eat Healthy Through the Holidays Giveaway!

I’ll be back next week with a review of our memorable 1st vegan Thanksgiving meal, complete with a few new recipes (yippeee!) and some super low-sodium products as well.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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