Yep. That’s what I said this morning, when I realized I am almost out of my favorite peanut butter. I’ve tried every no-salt-added brand out there — from Crazy Richards to Maranatha to Smuckers and BEYOND. But all of them, as delicious as they are, simply can’t match the one made by Price Chopper.

Price Chopper is a grocery chain located in the northeastern part of the US, and I’d never seen one until we visited Vermont. As you can imagine, summer in Vermont = hiking = lots of PB sandwiches. Price Chopper sells store-brand peanut butter like the rest of the big super market chains, but they are the first I’ve found to sell a NO SALT version.

THAT’S RIGHT>! We’re talking “normal” peanut butter – the very same consistency as Jif, Peter Pan or Skippy, but WITHOUT THE SALT.

You cannot possibly appreciate the magnitude of this discovery unless you are on a low sodium diet.

Until this point, I had been forced to consume jars of “natural style” salt free peanut butter – tasty, but no where near the PB I used to lap up before being diagnosed w/ Meniere’s. To me, natural peanut butter resembles newly-poured concrete beneath a layer of oil. The texture, taste, and consistency varying little between brands.

But this Price Chopper No Salt Peanut Butter… I nearly dropped over when I opened the jar. This is JUST LIKE THE PEANUT BUTTER I USED TO LOVE. Creamy – I mean, really truly creamy, with the oil mixed right in. Just look at this beautiful sandwich. (YES that is Garden City lavash, and if you have not yet tried it – what are you waiting for? It’s simply AMAZING – especially at 40 mg per wrap.)

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4 Responses to Oh NUTS!

  1. Kristen says:

    I just ran onto your site when I was looking for nutrition info on Cascade Fresh (which I, too, am in love with). I’m actually headed to Connecticut this weekend. If I do end up running into a Price Chopper, how many jars would you like? I’m not making any guarantees but I just wanted to know in case I do end up there.

  2. Christy says:

    WOW Kristen! Thank you SO much!! I would love a couple if it’s not too much hassle, and I’ll be happy to pay you for them. My PO info is on the ABOUT page at the top. Please let me know where to mail the check. THANKS AGAIN!!! Have a great weekend, Christy

  3. Christy says:

    PS: No worries if it doesn’t happen, Kristen. Just so nice of you to have written and offered. Either way, thanks again!

  4. Christy says:

    JUST A QUICK NOTE. I rec’d an email from a long time Daily Dish reader who informed me that Hannaford supermarkets sell the VERY SAME no salt PB as Price Chopper above. I just returned with 2 jars and am ECSTATIC!! If anyone is interested in trying this PB, but does not have access to either store, please feel free to email me.

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